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At Cmpnr we believe that the pen, the envelope and the stamp are mightier than the sword, and more specifically, the email.

We harness the power and accessibility of the online community and marry it to the weight and impact of the physical letter.

Browsing and deleting a thousand emails only takes seconds.

It appears in a person's inbox and makes its way into the trash before they even have to think about it.

A letter gets their attention. It has to be handled. It demands to be opened and read.

We believe that if you want to make a point, send a letter.

If you want to make a real point, get all the other people who think like you to send a letter too.

Cmpnr helps you do just that.


Terms and Conditions

Welcome to If you’re using this website, basically we need to tell you about our terms and conditions. And you need to agree to be cool with those.

User conduct

This is only going to work if we all play like nice boys and girls.

When using, we need you to be cool and follow a few rules, like those listed below, and overall follow the spirit of

We know what that is and will be the ultimate judge, but we hope most good people would know it too.

Generally if your mum wouldn’t approve of you doing something, then neither would we.

If you’re not sure ask us at (or ask your mum). You mustn’t go putting up offensive, insulting, obscene or racist stuff. We don’t actively edit the site, we trust you people to act responsibly, but if we do see some stuff that you should be ashamed of putting up, then we may have to take it down without telling you. Remember the ‘mum’ test. If you start campaign with us, you have to make sure that any content you use, especially any photos or videos, is not copyright-protected. If it is, you need to get the people who own the copyright to agree to let you use it, otherwise again we might have to take it down without telling you. If you think someone’s using material you own, please email us at and we’ll investigate.

In addition, you as a user must not:

claim to be somebody, or claim to be affiliated with somebody that you are not;

use the website to send spam or junk mail (we’ll be the judge if it comes to it, so be nice);

use the Website to do anything outside the spirit of what is for, we’re pretty relaxed but again, we’ll be the judge if it comes to it;

If you do any of these things, or anything else we feel is not really cricket, we reserve the right to cancel your membership and take any pages down. We also can’t protect you or take the blame for anything you do that leads to you getting prosecuted or sued. We’d hope that you wouldn’t do anything that silly. Remember the ‘mum’ test.

The term 'Carpela EOOD’ or 'us' or 'we' refers to the owner of the website whose registered office is Yuriy Venelin 44, Sofia 1142, Bulgaria.

Don’t be scared that we’re in Bulgaria, we’re very nice people and it so happens that there are some lovely people out here, the weather’s beautiful, there’s the beach in the summer, skiing in the winter, maybe you should come and visit.

And the shopska salad, of cucumber, tomatoes,etc. is a wonderfully refreshing national dish that’s eaten with everything.

Unfortunately, our CEO is an Englishman who thinks cucumber is the work of the devil...

Our company registration number is 201527228.

Our sister company in the UK is Carpela Ltd, registered office ‘Glenside’, Slade, Fishguard, Pembs SA65 9PD. Company number 06730181.